What Is The Fog City Rose?

The Fog City Rose is a digital home for a socialist perspective on San Francisco. We’re an internet space where members and allies of DSA SF can share their thoughts and views about the wide range of issues that affect life in San Francisco.

For over a year (!) we’ve published on Medium as The Phoenix, but we’re ready to spread our wings a bit wider and it’s time to put the old blog out to pasture. We’ll still be publishing op-eds and commentary, but we also want to share what we’re reading, conversations we’re having, and what we’re working on in our chapter.

DSA SF has a host of inspiring committees and working groups that organize around  a range of issues from homelessness to immigration to housing to labor organizing and beyond. We see the Fog City Rose as one more way to empower these committees share  with the wider world what they’re working on and how folks can get involved. We also foresee the Fog City Rose as a space for collaboration between DSA SF and other local activist orgs.

If you’re interested in getting involved in local activism, Fog City Rose will be a great way to see what others are doing.

We are here to present an alternative point of view to the corporate-dominated establishment media in San Francisco and to share our positive vision for a just, equitable San Francisco. This is the richest city, in the richest country, in the world. Our spiraling Dickensian dystopia isn’t the only option. Another world is possible, and we can’t wait to share it with you.