DSA SF’s Red Star Caucus on the Bernie Sanders Endorsement Vote

The National Political Committee of DSA is currently debating the question of whether or not to endorse Bernie Sanders’s campaign for president. While Red Star San Francisco does not have a common stance on whether the national organization ought to endorse his campaign, we are united in a critique of it, and in an understanding of our role as socialists engaging in electoral struggles.

San Francisco Wants Union Beer

On February 7th, workers at Anchor Brewing Co. announced their intent to unionize with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), citing low pay, cuts in hours, and rising costs of benefits. The announcement was the culmination of a year-long underground organizing drive supported by the ILWU and The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) San …

Solidarity with Park Rangers

Who do our National Parks really serve: the public or the profit motive? With the government shutdown, national parks and public lands have been closed throughout the US. But during the holidays, Alcatraz and Muir Woods–two of the most visited parks in the Bay Area–stayed open. The Department of the Interior has decided that national¬†parks …

Deadly Wildfires Prove We Must Nationalize PG&E ‚ÄĒ and Every Other Utility

If we want utilities that truly serve human needs, and a shot at preventing the worst effects of climate change, we must abolish all private utilities. Energy joins water, waste disposal, telecommunications, and transportation as essential services that must be brought under full democratic control, with revenues being reinvested in providing better, greener service at lower rates to the public.

The Shameful History of San Francisco’s Homelessness Policy

The homelessness crisis in SF is all over the international news, and Proposition C on the November ballot proposes to fund the most comprehensive package of services for addressing the issue in the city‚Äôs history. Built on best practices learned over the last thirty years, it prioritizes housing rather than services on the street, and …

Landlords Are Predators: Their Actions Around Prop 10 Prove It

The opponents of Prop 10, mostly the landlord lobby and corporate real estate developers, have dumped over $50 million into fighting the ballot measure. And don’t let the fairy tale of the mom-and-pop landlord fool you.¬†One of the largest contributors to the anti-Prop 10 campaign is Blackstone, the Wall Street hedge fund that also happens to be California’s largest corporate landlord

5 Facts about Prop C

In the era of Fake News, Donald Trump and the Kardashians, can we really afford any more confusion? Call us ‚ÄúSnopes of the Proletariat‚ÄĚ, ‚Äėcause we got your facts, right here.

Exiting the Magic Kingdom

Burned by the junta in Chile, and effectively banned from the US over copyright infringement claims,¬†How To Read Donald Duck¬†is a guide to exposing the ideology in mass culture and a call to extricate the aspects which teach us to subjugate and be subjugated. If It Looks Like An¬†Empire‚Ķ On September 11, 1973, a coalition …