Article/Media Response: Goodbye Cold War, by Aziz Rana

  • Who's it from?

    n+1 Magazine

  • Notable
    This piece attempts to lay out what a leftist foreign policy for the USA might look like. The author envisions a non-militaristic, non-interventionist, cooperative foreign policy.
  • Help or Hurt?

    The USA currently wastes a tremendous amount of resources on maintaining a global military empire. Our decision to pay for this empire instead of for healthcare, homes, and schools, is a political one. As this author explains, "[a] necessary corollary of global social democracy is demilitarization."

  • Comments

    Foreign policy is an area where it would seem socialists could gain a lot of ground against more traditional candidates. When Americans understand how our military is used to further the needs of capital in the form of resource exploitation, they will find a more peaceful approach desirable.