How We Work

Thank you for your interest. We are an internet space for the sharing of opinions, book reviews, reading lists, and other kinds of writing from a socialist perspective. We are not a newspaper, but we do expect sourcing to support claims, and reserve the right to exercise final editorial control over anything we post.

To make it easier to work with us, we have defined a few types of content that have some pre-defined prompts to help you. There are screenshots and short descriptions of all of these below.

Note that for all post types, Authors don’t have access to publish their pieces on their own. When completing your piece, you’ll see the button says “Submit For Review”. This will alert our editors that there is a piece that is ready to be reviewed before posting. Posting will be handled by our editors.

Additionally, all the post types have a field called Excerpt at the bottom of the page. It’s very important to write a short summary here, even just a sentence is fine, because that is what will appear in the archives on the site.

Op-Ed Ui Screenshot

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These are opinion pieces, which are one of the two types of content (the other is Call and Response) that can currently be featured in the top spot on the homepage. The image set as the Featured Image on the right side of the screen will be displayed behind the Title and Subtitle, unless the Normal Image checkbox is checked in the Extra Op-Ed Info box.

The body copy goes in the main editor under the Title field. Images can be added to the body copy where your cursor is positioned via the Add Media button.

The Extra Op-Ed Info box has space for the Byline, if left blank it’ll default to “FCR Editors”. The Subtitle field is text that will appear in bold, beneath the title. The Normal Image checkbox, when checked, means that the Featured Image will be displayed to the right of the Op-Ed copy when reading the Op-Ed.

Report-Back Ui Screenshot

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These are reports on events that you’ve attended. Protests, marches, and any kind of action or similar with other groups. This is one of our prompted post types, with the details we’re interested in highlighted for you. The form includes explanations for each field.

One kind of information that can be included here is on the right side of the screen, where you can enter your SF DSA Committee name, if it’s relevant to the Report Back. Note that we aren’t currently using the Featured Image with this, but if people start providing images then we will.

Podcast Review Ui Instructions

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Podcast Review

Share podcasts that you enjoy, especially ones with something to offer a socialist or socialist-leaning reader. We have instructions in the form for the different fields to make it easy to add.

Reading List Ui Instructions

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Reading List

Got some good book recommendations? We love reading lists that help explain politics, the problems with capitalism, socialist ideas, etc. For this one we have a field for some introductory copy where you can tell people about your reading list. Below that, you’ll see a box titled Reading List Items.

Here, you can provide the Title, a link to where people can find the book online, and a short description of the book. Clicking the Add Entry button will save that book and allow you to add more. You’ll see once you have some added that you can drag and drop the boxes for the different books to change their order.

Article/Media Ui Screenshot

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Article/Media Response

This is meant for quick rebuttals to external media or news reporting. Again, this is a prompted post type, where we indicate the kinds of things we’re interested in about the piece. We want a link, to know what was Notable about it, and how it Helps or Hurts the cause.

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Transcribed Q&A

We wanted to make it easy to post interviews. This post type has a field for copy where you can write an introduction. As with the Reading List, we have a box where you can add multiple Q and A entries and drag to reorder them. This allows us to handle displaying the text to readers in an easy to follow format.

At the bottom you can write a block of text that wraps up your interview which will be displayed at the end of the sequence of questions and answers.

Committee Report Ui Screenshot

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Committee Report

This is meant for committees to let the public know what they’re working on. For new members, it can be hard to know which committee might be a good fit, and having a place to go to see what committees are up to and have planned is useful. We provide a place for you to let people know how they can get involved, which we think can be a good way for people to envision themselves joining in.

It’s important with this one to be sure to populate the Committee field on the right side of the screen. That will allow us to have complete archives for each discrete committee, so users can see all the reports for a given committee in one spot.

Video Ui Screenshot

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We know there is a lot of great video content about socialist topics. Share your favorites with us! Both YouTube and Vimeo are supported. We have a space for you to write some introductory copy, and also to add some comments to each video you share to help explain why people should watch it. As with the Reading Lists and Q & A, the Video Details box allows you to enter multiple videos and order them however you like.

Annotated Tweetstorm Ui Screenshot

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Annotated Tweetstorm

This is for sharing Twitter threads, whether good or bad. We have a space for some introductory copy, and as with the Videos and Q&A post types, a Tweets and Annotations box that allows for multiple entries, which can be reordered as you like.

For any given Tweet you want to share, you’ll need to get that Tweet’s embed code. We have instructions for this in the form itself. Note that providing an Annotation is not required, but if you do add one, it will appear beneath the Tweet in a red speech bubble.

Book Report Ui Screenshot

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Book Report

Tell us in detail about a great book you read, or even if it wasn’t great. We have some specific information we’re looking for from a Book Report, so we’ve provided the questions we want answers to. Note that the URL isn’t required, but if it’s provided we’ll link the title to it.

Call and Response Ui Screenshot

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Call And Response

This one needs a little explanation. Along with Op-Eds, Call and Response is a kind of post that can occupy the featured spot on the homepage. It’s intended for long-form pieces where we might be collaborating with another source, and providing them with prompts we want them to answer. For an example of what this looks like, check out this piece here.

There’s space for introductory copy, and then a box labeled Discourse Exchange, where you can provide the prompt and the other party’s response. These can be reordered after you’re done.

We also have a box labeled Discourse Summary for text that will appear after the exchange, and also a box for Extra Discourse Info where you can provide a subtitle and select the Normal Image option, which are the same as for the Op-Ed.

Homepage Banner Ui Screenshot

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Homepage Banner

This isn’t meant for general use, but it is the text that appears on the homepage next to the current featured Op-Ed or Call and Response piece in a red box. It’s intended for announcements or temporary messages we might want to display. It only has a headline and copy.

Comradely Advice Ui Screenshot

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Comradely Advice

This is a type of content managed by the Conflict Resolution committee. It’s an ordinary WordPress post type, with text, copy, featured image, and excerpt. See Conflict Resolution for working with this.

Slide Box Ui Screenshot

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Slide Box

These are not stand-alone posts, but are displayed as a red box of text-slides in other kinds of content. It is intended for use in the Op-Ed and Call and Response post types.

For an example of what these look like, scroll down on this page.

This has a few instructions for use.

  1. If you populate the title field at the top of the page, that title will appear at the top of every slide in the box.
  2. If you populate the text area below that title field, that will be the first slide shown in the box. You might use this if you want to write an introduction that sets up the slides entered in the Slide Box Slides box.
  3. The Slide Box Slides box fields have a Slide Title and Slide Text. The Slide Title isn’t required.
  4. Once you have clicked Submit for Review, you should see a box appear above the Slide Box Slides box with a shortcode that you can copy and paste into your Op-Ed or Call and Response piece. It will look like this, simply copy all the text in the grey box: