Sticky Subjects: Practice What You Preach

Image description: Comic with three panels.

First Panel: When We Don’t Practice What We Preach

There are a group of stick figures in a audience with differently shaped heads (triangles, squares, circles). There are two stick figures sitting behind a table in front of the audience. Both stick figures behind the table are saying, “OK comrades – this is a reminder to practice our CoC (Code of Conduct)”

Second Panel: Local Dive

Two stick figures (one with a circle head and one with a triangle head) are sitting at a bar clinking their drinks. A text bubble to the right of them reads:

“That was a great meeting!”

“Not bad but the speaker was kind of a dweeb!”

“Why do you say that? I think they got Marx’s theory totally right.”

Third Panel: Local Dive

The same two stick figures from panel two are still seated at the bar. There are several more drinks on the bar and both stick figures appear angry. The text to the right of them reads:

“Marx shmarx! Don’t be an idiot!!”

“Listen fake face, you’re not really a socialist are you?!”

Below the third panel it reads “REQUEST FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION” with a red box around it and below that it says “Click here” in green.