Sticky Subjects: Giving Feedback

Sticky Subjects is a comic series to help us gain awareness around how we interact with one another.

Below find the written description of the comic.

[Image description: Comic with four panels.]

Panel one: The panel is entitled “Speech Farts”

Five people are gathered together.

Person one: I think we should do X!

Person two: X is a dumb idea!

Person three: Yeah – I agree! Let’s do Y!

People four and five: Yeah – Y is great!

Panel two

Person one is alone and crying.

Person one (thought bubble): I guess they don’t like me.

Panel three: The panel is entitled “Planting Roses”

Person one: How about doing X?

Person two: That’s on e possibility – any other ideas?

Person three: Maybe we could do Y instead.

People four and five: Both are good ideas – I like Y better because…

Panel four

Person one is alone and smiling.

Person one: I see what you’re saying – maybe we can try some of both.