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DSA SF’s Red Star Caucus on the Bernie Sanders Endorsement Vote

The National Political Committee of DSA isĀ currently debating the question of whether or not to endorse Bernie Sandersā€™s campaign for president. While Red Star San Francisco does not have a common stance on whether the national organization ought to endorse his campaign, we are united in a critique of it, and in an understanding of our role as socialists engaging in electoral struggles.

Stephen Robbins, Immigration Attorney and Podcast Host

Stephen Robbins is an immigration attorney from Yakima, WA who co-hosts a podcast called Redirect, devoted to immigration law. This podcast is a good way to get more familiar with some of the legal issues surrounding immigration in the U.S. Mr. Robbins was kind enough to answer our questions. Note that this interview was conducted …

Exiting the Magic Kingdom

Burned by the junta in Chile, and effectively banned from the US over copyright infringement claims,Ā How To Read Donald DuckĀ is a guide to exposing the ideology in mass culture and a call to extricate the aspects which teach us to subjugate and be subjugated. If It Looks Like AnĀ Empireā€¦ On September 11, 1973, a coalition …

GOPs and Robbers

Trumpcare is an act of pure malice, but the ACA itself is far from perfect. A single-payer system is the only way forward.