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Introducing the 1857 Introduction: Marx’s Method and Why It Matters

The Grundrisse is a collection of notebooks Karl Marx wrote in 1857-58. The Grundrisse, particularly its Introduction, is crucial for understanding the methodology of historical materialism that Marx uses to analyze and criticize the totality of social relationships across various periods of history.

Outsourcing Curiosity

AirBnb and other ‚ÄĚsharing economy‚Äú platforms are seeking new sources of revenue by monetizing our desires.

Exiting the Magic Kingdom

Burned by the junta in Chile, and effectively banned from the US over copyright infringement claims,¬†How To Read Donald Duck¬†is a guide to exposing the ideology in mass culture and a call to extricate the aspects which teach us to subjugate and be subjugated. If It Looks Like An¬†Empire‚Ķ On September 11, 1973, a coalition …

Our Pride: None of your Business

Why do we celebrate LGBTQ+ pride? Pride is a celebration of LGBTQ visibility, community, and resilience. The exploitation and persecution of LGBTQ+ people by bigots and the American state has been persistent, strategic, and often violent. Not long ago, police raids on LGBTQ gathering spots were common; raids in the 1960s at places like Gene …

San Francisco’s Pepsi Liberalism

Editor‚Äôs Note: The author(s) of this article have requested that the Phoenix publish this article under a pseudonym. As with all articles published by the Phoenix, the opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of either The Phoenix or SF DSA. On Monday, as the Bay Area …