Environmental Justice

Take the Power Back

In 1852, the official seal of the newly-established San Francisco Gas Company bore the words fiat lux– let there be light. A century and a half later, the time has come to say “lights out” to its successor, the company we now call PG&E. California’s energy history has always been a fight between those who …

Solidarity with Park Rangers

Who do our National Parks really serve: the public or the profit motive? With the government shutdown, national parks and public lands have been closed throughout the US. But during the holidays, Alcatraz and Muir Woods–two of the most visited parks in the Bay Area–stayed open. The Department of the Interior has decided that national parks …

Deadly Wildfires Prove We Must Nationalize PG&E — and Every Other Utility

If we want utilities that truly serve human needs, and a shot at preventing the worst effects of climate change, we must abolish all private utilities. Energy joins water, waste disposal, telecommunications, and transportation as essential services that must be brought under full democratic control, with revenues being reinvested in providing better, greener service at lower rates to the public.