Book Report:

Live Work Work Work Die by Corey Pein

  • How awesome is it?


    1 - not at all awesome → 5 - most awesome!

  • The Subject

    As the jacket reads, this book is, “a journey into the savage heart of Silicon Valley.” The book begins as a recounting of the author’s efforts to become a billionaire startup founder, before digging in to some of the connections between Silicon Valley and white supremacist movements.

  • Why You Should Read It

    One reason to read this book is that it is often quite funny. For anyone with a cynical bent, the relentless boosterism around the tech sector can be wearying. This book is a reminder that yes, it is often as ridiculous as it seems.
    The best parts of the book, though, are the unfunny later chapters that talk about the histories of Stanford and Silicon Valley. Pein outlines Stanford’s early connections to white supremacy, which will be news to some. He also talks about an event where the far-right Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, is hosted by The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley.
  • Highlights

    While this book may not be strictly socialist, it displays a great deal of class consciousness in describing the realities of the tech sector. This book seems like it could make more tech workers aware of the exploitative, precarious situations they’re in, and help them see that they are also part of the working class.

  • How accessible to a lay audience is it?


    1 - grad school text → 5 - pop fiction

  • How left/socialist is it?


    1 - 50 Shades of Gray → 5 - Das Kapital