Jeremy Gilbert’s Great Socialism Read

Book Review: Twenty-First Century Socialism By Jeremy Gilbert For anyone who has engaged in the “But that’s not socialism!” debate with an angry mouth-breathing internet troll, British author Jeremy Gilbert provides you with an excellent grounding to respond. In a breezy 128 pages, Gilbert’s Twenty-First Century Socialism walks the reader through the broad-brush differences between …

Introducing the 1857 Introduction: Marx’s Method and Why It Matters

The Grundrisse is a collection of notebooks Karl Marx wrote in 1857-58. The Grundrisse, particularly its Introduction, is crucial for understanding the methodology of historical materialism that Marx uses to analyze and criticize the totality of social relationships across various periods of history.

History is a Weapon

While “The Dollop” is categorized as a comedy podcast, it is dark comedy. The laughter comes more from a combination of shock and outrage than anything else. One’s only reaction is laughter because what else can one do in the face of such horror? The premise of “The Dollop” is simple: Dave Anthony — comedian, …