About Us

Everyone knows San Francisco’s reputation as a progressive mecca, but if that was ever based on reality, it certainly isn’t now. Underneath a veneer of laissez-faire social values, thirty years of catering to the interests of tech companies and corporate developers have turned much of the city into a capitalist theme park. While venture capitalists funnel billions into disrupting social media, the average one bedroom costs $40,000 a year to rent and more than seven thousand of our neighbors are sleeping on the streets every night.

But things are beginning to move by the Bay. The working class is fed up, and we’re not only demanding change–we’re making it. From the breweries and tenant unions to the Board of Supervisors, we are organized and working to build a world that values human dignity over profit. A mass movement is coalescing on the left, but you would never know it from reading the Chronicle.

That’s where we come in. Unlike traditional for-profit publications, we have no corporate overlords to appease, and we’re not in the business of chasing clicks. Our mission is to publish the kind of stories that mainstream outlets won’t: stories that highlight the systematic failures of capitalism and that explore radical alternatives. Our coverage is driven not by the news cycle, but by the diverse perspectives of our members and allies.

Fog City Rose is produced by the Democratic Socialists of America San Francisco. Our contributors’ views are their own, not the positions of the chapter as a whole.